Center for Christian Statesmanship

The D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship

Today, we stand at a crossroads. Great moral issues divide our land and devastate our families, our schools, and our communities.

Now more than ever, our nation needs leaders who comprehend both God’s heart and our nation’s soul. We need men and women who can see beyond the tyranny of the next election to the bright future of the next generation; we need citizen-servants who will lead our nation once again toward the values and virtue of our Founding Fathers. America needs Christian statesmen. This is our best and brightest hope. Today on Capitol Hill, this clarion call is going forth through the work of the D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship.

Because we at the Center choose to follow Christ’s example and take up the basin and towel, doors on Capitol Hill open, allowing us to promote and encourage Christian statesmanship through three vital areas of outreach:

Spiritual Outreach: Our staff seeks to serve all who have genuine questions about biblical truth or desire a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ministry Training: Another key goal of the Center is to train our nation’s leaders for ministry and service.

Restoring a Vision of Christian Statesmanship: The third component of the Center’s mission is to help re-establish the principles and practices of Christian statesmanship so prevalent at the birth of our nation.

The Center is also meeting with the pastors of the churches in the Washington, D.C. area—to encourage them and to assist them in the training of their congregations in personal evangelism and discipleship. In addition to strengthening the bride of Christ, we also desire to raise up and train a number of volunteers who are passionate about their faith, who are zealous to share that faith with others, and who are committed to taking that faith to Capitol Hill, a truly worthy mission field in their own back yard!

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